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Corporate Giving

Mission statement

UT-Battelle and Oak Ridge National Laboratory strive to be viewed by our neighbors as a highly valued partner in the Oak Ridge region.

Corporate outreach priorities

UT-Battelle is committed to providing a substantial portion of the company鈥檚 annual corporate fee for outreach initiatives. Approximately one-half of outreach funds are allocated to initiatives designed to support science and math education; approximately one-third are earmarked for initiatives to generate economic development. The remaining corporate outreach funds are designated for various civic, cultural and public awareness activities.

Legacy investments

Priority consideration for UT-Battelle contributions is given to "legacy investments" that provide tangible, lasting benefits to the region. UT-Battelle's goal is to provide legacy investments that are larger in size and fewer in number.

Policy guidelines

UT-Battelle's corporate outreach policy is guided by a number of general goals:

  • Contributions will be limited to groups without political or religious affiliation.
  • First consideration is given to organizations in the Oak Ridge region and to requests that can be leveraged with other efforts and/or funds.
  • Corporate contributions are provided only to recognized organizations. We do not fund grants or sponsorships to individuals.
  • UT-Battelle may request invoices or receipts prior to providing corporate funds.
  • Due to the large number of聽requests to support fundraising events such as galas and golf tournaments,聽UT-Battelle鈥檚 participation聽is based primarily on whether 聽a聽UT-Battelle staff member serves on the organization鈥檚 governing board and whether a Team聽UT-Battelle volunteer project is associated with the organization.

Application process

All requests for corporate contributions must be submitted either using our聽online form or by mail to

ORNL Office of Communications
c/o Wade Creswell
P.O. Box 2008
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-6266

Proposals should state succinctly the organization requesting funds, the amount of funds requested, the specific purpose for which the funds will be used, and how the request fits within UT-Battelle's overall goals and objectives as outlined above. Proposals also must include the name, address and phone number of the organization's point of contact. UT-Battelle may request additional information on the organization's budget, board of directors and community service history.