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Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate

Advancing high-performance computing for scientific discovery and continued U.S. technological leadership

The Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate (CCSD) oversees ORNL鈥檚 immense store of computing power and its talented staff of computational scientists and mathematicians, conducting state-of-the-art research and development in computer and computational sciences in support of DOE's missions and programs.

The directorate houses the聽Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility聽(OLCF), home to America鈥檚 most powerful supercomputer, Summit. In 2018, ORNL delivered Summit,聽the next leap in leadership-class computing systems for open science. With Summit we will be able to address, with greater complexity and higher fidelity, questions concerning who we are, our place on earth, and in our universe.

CCSD contains the institutional knowledge to transform basic science into聽cutting-edge聽energy and security applications critical to聽national聽interest. Our organization is聽committed to research and development in the data sciences, including the modeling, simulation, and analysis of rapidly growing data sources and is聽is a premier source for high-performance and quantum computing, applied mathematics, and artificial intelligence聽research.